Harry Roque| Philippine Daily Inquirer | December 5, 2017

I read with amusement your paper's editorial "Lord of the rails" (11/26/17). How gracious of the Inquirer to bestow upon me such a title! But surely, that title is better suited to the former transportation secretary and the Inquirer's favorite in the 2016 presidential election, Mar Roxas.

For was it not during Roxas' term as transportation secretary that the almost daily breakdowns of and frequent accidents in the MRT3 started? Isn't it Roxas' "Noynoying" — when he ignored former MRT3 general manager Al Vitangcol’s letter informing him that the maintenance contract with Sumitomo Corp. would soon expire and the Department of Transportation and Communications should immediately act on the matter — that is to blame for the degraded and dilapidated state of the MRT3?

But then again, coming from the Inquirer, the editorial comes as no surprise.

The present administration is now trying to undo the mess created by the previous administration. It is high time the Inquirer removed its yellow-colored glasses so that it can leave the Matrix that is the Aquino administration and live in the real world. Then and only then could the Inquirer have balanced news and objective fearless views.