Nestor Corrales |  | October 10, 2016

A technical problem hit a southbound train of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT 3) on Saturday morning.

The train made a sudden stop between Araneta Cubao and Santolan stations at 11:30 a.m.

Passengers of the jam-packed train bumped into each other after the train took a sudden brake.

The train announcer told the passengers that a technical problem had halted the train.

The air conditioning unit of the train also malfunctioned, forcing passengers to experience intense heat inside the train. Some passengers opened the train’s window but most of them continued sweating.

An irked passenger said he might lose his job because of the train’s delay.

"Mawawalan ako ng trabaho nito," he said.

Another passenger likened his experience to the hit movie "Train to Busan."

Fifteen minutes later, the train was not yet repaired and the train announcer had to repeat that the train had experienced a technical problem.

At 11:58 a.m., the train slowly moved towards Santolan station and reached the station at 12 noon.

Passengers were told to alight from the train and wait for the next train to arrive.

The halt in operations left hundreds of passengers stranded.