MRT3 Philippines Maintenance

• Over 94 years of experience in the industry
• Has a global network and offices in 66 countries
• Designed, built, and maintained the system ("single point of responsibility" )
• Provided spare parts (60% of maintenance budget) and maintenance service

• Formed 2 months prior to being awarded the maintenance contract
• Awarded with a P517.5 M contract which is 828 times its paid-up capital of P625,000*
• Three of its incorporators are accused in an extortion case while the others are reportedly involved in controversies**
• Provided maintenance service only

• Assessed penalties of at least P45.1M this year due to the technical glitches in the system***
• Did not buy replacement rails of the MRT
• Reportedly used railway tracks from LRT-2 and installed them in the MRT-3
• Provided maintenance service only



PH Trams' 6 incorporators-directors are Arturo Soriano, Wilson de Vera, Chairman Marlo de la Cruz, Manolo Maralit, Alfreda Tan Maralit, and Federico Remo
Soriano is Al Vitangcol’s uncle-in-law
De Vera, along with Vitangcol is accused of extortion by the Czech Ambassador
• Liberal Party financier* Marlo dela Cruz is the authorized representative of both PH Trams and APT Global**
PH Trams was incorporated in August 2012
• It was awarded the MRT maintenance contract in October 2012 without bidding

Train accidents have been rampant
• Power is erratic
• Doors are opening while trains are running
• Automatic gates, elevators and escalators at stations are broken
• Operations have been stopped to weld rail parts