By Nestor Corrales | | April 23, 2015

They boarded the train only to be told to get off after a few minutes of waiting.

Passengers who boarded a southbound train of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) on Thursday noon at the North Avenue station were disappointed why they were asked to unload it due to a technical glitch.

 Passenger Estewart Corrales told the train announcer told them at around 12:20 p.m. to unload from the train because it was “defective.”

The train announcer, however, did not specify the technical problem that hit the train, Corrales said.

He said the passengers waited for around seven minutes before they could board on the next train.

The train, he said, was jam-packed due to the stranded passengers.

According to him, the passengers had to endure the intense heat inside the train since the air conditioning unit was not functioning.

On Tuesday, the MRT hit the lowest number of operational trains after 11 of its trains were found to be defective due to air-conditioning system that lacks refrigerants or Freons. TVJ