By Erwin Tulfo | | March 11, 2015

MANILA, Philippines – A company that can’t be located in its listed address and whose links are traced to the head of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) and another firm whose board member has no connection with the corporation.


These are some of the alleged irregularities that News5’s Erwin Tulfo found out about Global Epcom Services Inc. and Autre Porte Technique Global Inc. (APT), the current maintenance providers of the ailing and accident-prone Metro Rail Transit-Line 3 (MRT-3).

News5 learned from the security guard of the Sky Freight Center on Ninoy Aquino Avenue in Parañaque City that there was no company named Global Epcom holding office at the building. It was JAD Group of Companies owned by the family of PNR general manager Joseph Allan Dilay that had rented one of the offices at Sky Freight, according to the guard.

Records from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) show that Global Epcom used to be Genials Trading and Contracting Company Inc., where Dilay was among the incorporators.

News5 also found out that the address given by Edgardo Albanez one of the incorporators of Global Epcom, at 10 Nazareth St., Multinational Village, Parañaque, is the residence of Dilay.

Also, SEC records show that Albanez replaced Dilay as incorporator when Genials was renamed Global Epcom. However, Albanez still listed as his address Dilay’s residence.

Dilay refused to be interviewed on camera when News5 approached him at his office. He admitted though that Albanez is his former staffer and that the latter used his address when he was starting his business. Dilay said he didn’t know that Albanez still listed the PNR manager’s residence in the current SEC records of Global Epcom.

In a statement, Dilay said that he was no longer a shareholder of Global Epcom after divesting 22 percent of the ownership of the company equivalent to 40,000 shares on March 27, 2012, “hence he no longer appeared as stockholder in the 2012 GIS (General Information Sheet) filed in April 2012 by Global Epcom.”

The PNR manager’s wife, Gina Dilay, admitted that she was involved in securing contracts for train repairs but said that she had stopped her business after her husband became a government official.

Meanwhile, News5 also found out that Fernanda Gantala, listed as among the board members of APT Global, had nothing to do with the company. According to her niece, Gantala was not connected with the firm.

APT officials said that when the company was formed, many of them were still working for other firms thus APT Global was named under other individuals.

“’Yong ibang names sa incorporation papers are not actually the engineers kasi [because] we were under contract with the Belgian firm no’n eh [at the time]. So magkakaro’n ng conflict [there would be conflict],” said APT Global’s Jose Angelo R. Laquindaum.