By Boo Chanco | Philippine Star | July 15, 2015

The press release from DOTC touts the awarding of one of the MRT-3 maintenance contracts to a “German Filipino joint venture.” But the release also identified the Filipino firm is Comm Builders & Technology. It is represented by the same person who is also president of PH Trams, who in Oct. 10, 2012 received a Notice to Proceed on the controversial MRT-3 maintenance contract worth $ 1,150,000.00 a month.

Reports also have it that two of the “new” contractors are actually affiliated to current maintenance provider Autre Porte Technique Global Inc or APT Global. That’s the same firm under fire for the MRT system’s breakdown.

The firms were Global Epcom Services Inc., awarded the handling of the upkeep of buildings and facilities for a contract of P23.35 million, and Future Logic Corp., awarded the maintenance of the ticketing system for a contract of P6.95 million.

Another company, Trilink Technologies Inc., is said to be linked with the family of a prominent national politician based on SEC records. It was awarded the communications component but does not have a track record in railway systems.

The DOTC earlier said that splitting the upkeep into seven components would help improve the aging MRT’s operations. But there is no single point of responsibility and they would just blame each other.

Since they are mostly the same dogs with slightly different collars, we can’t keep our hopes high. The cast of characters are more or less the same.