By GMA News Online | GMA News Online | August 5, 2015

The prototype of the new train cars for the EDSA MRT is expected "to arrive at the Port of Manila within the week of August 10-14," to the Department of Transportation and Communication has said.

Go signal given to ship prototype of new MRT-3 train—@DOTCPhilippinesGo signal given to ship prototype of new MRT-3 train—@DOTCPhilippines

Shipment from China happened on July 29, according a DOTC news release last July 23.

"After assembly and static testing of the unit’s components such as the doors, seats, poles, and hand straps, dynamic testing will be conducted in mid-November," the DOTC said.

The prototype, made by Dalian Locomotive, uses traction motors that run on alternating current technology.

The new 48 brand new trains are expected "to be delivered starting in the first quarter of 2016."  — ELR, GMA News