By GMA News | March 18, 2016


The management of MRT-3 on Friday denied that there was a service interruption that prompted an irate passenger to demand a refund the day on Wednesday.


The passenger and an MRT officer got into a shouting match that was caught on video and posted in the social media.

In a statement, the MRT management said there was no service interruption recorded on March 16 "that would necessitate protocol of issuing redemption cards for single journey tickets."

The management said that while passengers were offloaded at the Ortigas station at 5:55 p.m. on March 16, another train was ready to pick them up contrary to the passenger's claim of stoppage.

However, it admitted that a technical issue was detected on the train.

Moreover, the management claimed that the supervisor who closed the door on the irate passenger "explained calmly to the passenger" that there was no advise of a delay in train operations and that there was another train available for use. - Rie Takumi